Our First Proposed Project

The first OZFund proposes to develop the prior Rebman warehouse on South Queen Street, Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Additional OZ Funds will be formed to acquire other properties in York, Pennsylvania and possibly elsewhere

  • The proposed project will include +/- 72 affordable apartments and +/- 14,000sf of commercial area all designed by an integrated Lancaster-city based Architect charged with responsibly maximizing the best use of the existing infrastructure to create meaningful living and commercial spaces.
  • A roof garden is being considered in the design for use by our tenants. Besides the decorative benefit, roof gardens may provide food, temperature control, hydrological benefits, architectural enhancement and recreational opportunities. The practice of cultivating food on the rooftop of buildings is sometimes referred to as rooftop farming. Rooftop farming is usually carried out using hydroponics, aeroponics or other environmentally focused irrigation system.
  • Design, Construction and Operational activities are managed by a team of experienced entrepreneurs, architects, project developers, builders and investors who are dedicated to transforming properties into affordable housing and commercial spaces. Our team is responsible for identifying, analyzing, structuring, negotiating and managing OZFund projects with an emphasis on affordability and sustainability.
  • OZFund Partners have more than 35 years of start-up company and commercial development experience.

Proposed Site Plan

Project Development

Permits, Licenses and Approvals

  • Mixed use zoning.
  • Development to be managed by OZFund principals in conjunction with professional advisors.
  • Requests for building permits and approvals to be managed by professional advisors.
  • Residential and Commercial Tenants will be pre-approved for a lease.

Customers and Needs

  • Our apartment tenants will enjoy bright, spacious and airy accommodation with energy efficient appliances (including washer/dryer).
  • Security provided round-the-clock.
  • Commercial Tenants may include professional and retail organizations. Preference will be given to business tenants offering food, grocery, pharmacy, day care center, health/urgent care center, fitness center and professional services.
  • The southern end of Lancaster City needs single-family apartments and businesses who can serve the local community, in a safe, friendly environment.

Proposed Project: Aerial View West

Proposed Project: Aerial View East


Built in Washer/Dryer
Rooftop Garden/Community Supported Agriculture Program
Fitness Center
Wheelchair Accessible and ADA Compliant
24/7 Security
Renewable Energy/Solar
High Speed Communication
Free Parking

Sustainability Concept

  • The entire proposed project will be designed with a commitment to environmental sustainability. We will make every effort to reduce unnecessary carbon emissions while maintaining the necessities to support a modern lifestyle.
  • In addition to implementing state-of-the-art clean energy technology, redevelopment plans will include a community rooftop garden, from which tenants can take part in a community supported agriculture (CSA) program.
  • At every stage of the propsosed project, these efforts require close cooperation of the Mayor and City Council, Lancaster city housing and community organizations, design team, architects, engineers, and the community at large. The green building practice expands and compliments the classical building design concerns of economy, utility, durability, and comfort.

How To Invest

Investors may subscribe for Limited Partner Units in the OZFund, by requesting a copy of the Partnership Agreement and a Subscription Agreement from the OZFund.

Once completed, the Subscription Agreement should be delivered to the OZFund at the address set forth on the cover page of the Memorandum.

The Subscription Agreement will contain information concerning the investor's status as an Accredited Investor under Regulation D under the 1933 Securities Act.

Investor Contact Information

Jeremy P Feakins
Founder and Chief Executive Officer
OZFund, LP
c/o JPF Venture Group, Inc. (General Partner)
800 South Queen Street
Lancaster, Pennsylvania 17603

Office: 717-715-0238
Website: www.jpfventures.com

Mobile: (917) 679 2005
Email: Jeremy.Feakins@jpfventures.com